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Name:Loki Laufeyson
Birthdate:Dec 10

"You know this plan of yours is gonna get us killed"

This is the active roleplay account for Loki, The Norse Deity, known by many names such as The God of Mischief ( and Fire- most people forget that), Trickster, Liesmith, sorcerer. He is known to be one of the aesirs, but many stipulate he's a demon. This is because loki is of jotun ( frost giants ) blood . I play the trickster based off of three things- The Marvel Cinematic Universe, Comics and primarily on The Norse Mythology of which he is based on which means that yes, he has children; Fenrir ( A giant wolf. It is ordained that at the end of the world, he shall devour odin ), Sleipnir ( an 8-legged horse that is the allfather's noble steed, The midgardian serpant and Hel- The Mistress of Death. Whichever version I play Loki depends solely on who he interacts with on this most mysterious and epic of adventures.

Both muse and mun are well over the age of 18.
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